Capture and make your content useful on a multilingual scale

Let your information influence results everywhere

The Multilingual Intelligence Platform

Knowtions combines machine learning and human experts to help your content tell its story in any language

Section 2nd capture
Extract data from private and public sources to create streams in multiple languages.

From internal databases, to websites, and leading industry databases, get data anywhere and transform it into structured output. Take your data streams, make it multilingual and deliver it across all types of devices and platforms.

Section 2nd translation
Augment human experts with intelligent suggestions in our workspace environment

From sharing leading insights to filing regulatory documents, ensuring correctness is difficult for complex information. Intelligent suggestions based on industry standards and company data ensure human experts are always on-point and consistent.

Section 2nd enrich
Enrich and deliver unstructured multilingual text with industry-specific entity identifiers

Content enrichment is at the core of everything we do. From multilingual data streams created on Knowtions, to translations managed by Knowtions, deliver all content with standard URIs.

Scaling accuracy and precision in the most rigorous industries

We believe in augmenting human intelligence with useful machine suggestions that can automate processes based on confidence. That’s why we train machines on industry specific content, standardize key information and create the best user experience for experts. The interactivity between machines and experts enables experts to continuously improve and correct suggestions with their knowledge.

Section 3rd content
Your content sources
(from documents to data streams)
words of public multilingual
industry specific corpus
Section 3rd platform
Knowtions platform
serves as a multilingual layer
industry specific
controlled vocabularies
Section 3rd experts
Internal or external experts
work in our intuitive environment
on-demand multilingual
subject matter experts in your field

Adapting to your content while keeping it secured and private

Your content is unique. We train a customization layer based on your content to improve suggestion confidence. We protect your private content in accordance with the most rigorous security standards and never shared it with any other company.

Your content, secured with multiple layers of protection

Our cloud architecture is designed to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your content with physical safeguards, secure data transfer and encrypted file storage.

Customization layer, unique to each company

By adding a private customization layer that trains on your content, we make sure your knowledge is incorporated while ensuring your content confidentiality.