The Multilingual Intelligence Platform

Influence healthcare results everywhere with unified data insights across languages

What we do
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Global View of Data

Capture data from every market

Easily make use of unconventional and local data streams to unlock previously hidden insights in emerging markets.

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Continuous Discovery

Influence decisions at all times

Automatically monitor and structure multilingual data for robust analytics that deliver insights to the most challenging questions.

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Flexible and customizable

Adapts to any global challenge

At the core of Knowtions data platform is a customizable language layer designed to intelligently solve diverse healthcare challenges.

Our Technology
Intelligence powered by machine learning

We believe machines augment human intelligence. That’s why we use our multilingual expert community to tackle the biggest data challenges in healthcare. The interactivity between machines and experts enables us to continuously improve and correct machine suggestions with their knowledge.

words of public multilingual
industry specific corpus
industry specific
controlled vocabularies
on-demand multilingual
subject matter experts in your field

Adapting to your data while keeping it secured and private

Your data, secured with multiple layers of protection

Our cloud architecture is designed to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your data with physical safeguards, secure data transfer and encrypted file storage.

Customization layer, unique to each company

By adding a private customization layer that trains on your data, we make sure your knowledge is incorporated while ensuring your data confidentiality.