The Multilingual Intelligence Platform

Influence business results through accelerated information exchange and data consolidation across languages

What we do
Make your data useful across languages
Section 2nd capture


Aggregate data insights

Aggregate data from internal and public stores. Transform data into structured streams that are continuously updated and ready to be used across different applications.

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Multiply its influence

Human experts use intelligent suggestions to translate your most complex information. Have the capability to influence results in every market with ease.

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Deliver it with impact

Encode underlying meaning to enable personalized content delivery and interactive search options. Maximize interaction with your information.

Our Technology
Intelligence powered by machine learning

We believe in augmenting human intelligence with useful machine suggestions. That’s why we train machines on industry specific content to standardize key information. The interactivity between machines and experts enables experts to continuously improve and correct machine suggestions with their knowledge.

words of public multilingual
industry specific corpus
industry specific
controlled vocabularies
on-demand multilingual
subject matter experts in your field

Adapting to your content while keeping it secured and private

Your content, secured with multiple layers of protection

Our cloud architecture is designed to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your content with physical safeguards, secure data transfer and encrypted file storage.

Customization layer, unique to each company

By adding a private customization layer that trains on your content, we make sure your knowledge is incorporated while ensuring your content confidentiality.